PVS Awards

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

During last week’s Integrated Systems Europe exhibition, PVS invited its distributors from all over the world for dinner and wine. Some of our partners even were awarded with more than good company. PVS presented a couple colleagues with an exceptional award for different reasons. The trophies were divided as such:



Fastest growing distributor: Siluj - Spain

Most outstanding brand marketing award: Audio Logistics - Australia



Fastest growing distributor award: Soundtools Oy - Finland

Most outstanding brand marketing award: Linearic - Poland

Most impressive reference award: Placement of 102 SPR racks @ Ladbrokes by Bekafun – Belgium



Most valuable Project award: ‘Mega Silk Way’ Trade Centre By Stepline - Kazakhstan

Design Integration award: Ice Hotel 365 by Starfelt - Sweden

Fastest growing distributor award: AudioBizz - Netherlands

Most outstanding brand marketing Award: Snk Syntez – Russia


Congratulations to all our laureates and thanks for putting Audac, Procab and Caymon in a favorable position in the AV Market. Gathering of the projects for next year’s PVS-awards is already started so don’t hesitate do send in your most stunning projects throughout the year.

Find the pictures here.