Rock Werchter, Werchter, Belgium

After the dramatic ending of the Pukkelpop festival last year, the organizers of Rock Werchter realized they wanted to do more to warn festival-goers in case of a similar emergency. To get voice messages across they needed a system that could carry sound over great lengths and offers a high sound pressure level. But more importantly, the STI value needed to be near-perfect.

For this major task rental company Studio 2000 and TVV Sound Projects turned to Audac and its HS212T 2-way horn speaker system. Based on the calculations Audac made, Studio 2000 installed 36 of these powerful 12 inch mid driver horns on the site. They chose to use the 100V versions of the HS212 together with the Q4 amplifiers and Q4TR transformers to power the installation easily despite the great distances.

Thanks to this system the organizers can inform all visitors in a clear and understandable manner in any emergency situation. Werchter’s 139,000 visitors can enjoy The Cure or Pearl Jam and relax because Audac has got them covered. 

Rock Werchter, Werchter, Belgium
Werchter 2012 can rely on emergency paging powered by Audac.