Rehabilitation hotel, Rotterdam, the Netherlands

A large group of patients may not be able to go home immediately after a hospital period. Because of this reason there is an increase in the need for facilities where patients can be cared for in short periods and at the same time offering an environment in which the patient can rehabilitate and heal quickly.

The 160-room Rehabilitation hotel has the look and feel of a quality hotel. In this building the hotel concept comes first and you will experience a welcoming and therapeutic climate.

For the restaurant and the Grand Café on the ground floor, they wanted a sound that is very flexible and can be controlled from any location in the hotel. This is exactly one of the reasons why they chose for an AUDAC installation that can control every individual zone from any mobile device. Besides the need for controllable speech reinforcement for presentations, background music, but also the reproduction of the sound from the TVs over the sound system were some of the requirements.

Therefore, the café and restaurant was equipped with an M2 Multimedia digital audio mixer to control the complete audio system. Now any source can be selected separately in each zone from any web enabled device.

Hidden in de ceiling of the café and restaurant CS55 Quick fit dual cone ceiling speakers were installed to ensure a maximum coverage in both rooms. The two zones are amplified separately with the use of one dual-channel CAP224 power amplifier.

The complete audio system is installed by the AUDAC partner InAVate audio & video solutions.

Rehabilitation hotel, Rotterdam, the Netherlands
Rehabilitation hotel, Rotterdam, the Netherlands