Pukkelpop, Kiewit, Belgium

After seeing the audio system successfully implemented at Rock Werchter 2012, the organisation of Pukkelpop 2012 enthusiastically approved AUDAC equipment for their emergency broadcasting installation. With the memories of the unprecedented storm at the 2011 edition still fresh, the Pukkelpop organizers maximised their efforts to keep the festivalgrounds safe under any circumstances imaginable. Everything from a local FM radiostation for emergency broadcasts to a dedicated smartphone app were installed to protect the crowd. But at the heart of this new safety net is the AUDAC-powered emergency evacuation system.

The system needed to be able to carry sound over great lengths and offer a high sound pressure level. But more importantly, the STI value needed to be near-perfect.

The AUDAC HS212T 2-way horn speaker system was chosen by rental company Studio 2000 and TVV Sound Projects and implemented according to plans calculated by AUDAC’s audio engineers to assure an optimal intelligibility across the festival’s eight stages. For each of the three days the festival spans, its 66.000 visitors will be covered by 26 powerful 12 inch mid driver horns powered by Q4 amplifiers paired with Q4TR transformers to accommodate for the great distances.

So while everyone is rocking out to the tones of the Foo Fighters or Björk, AUDAC horn speakers will be keeping the crowd safe and the organisation at ease.

Check out the video below to hear Organiser Chokri Mahassine praise the newly installed AUDAC speakers and other safety measures (language: dutch):

Pukkelpop, Kiewit, Belgium
Pukkelpop 2012 is the second large festival relying on AUDAC HS212's.