Fulbridge Academy, Peterborough, UK

Fulbridge Academy is a culturally and socially diverse primary school in Peterborough with children from more than 25 countries. The school is renowned for its creative approach to the curriculum which is presented to other educators at conferences and seminars across the UK by Fulbridge’s head teacher. Being one of the most successful schools in the UK, it was inevitable that when Fulbridge was seeking to enhance its environment with an audio twist, it would be no ordinary solution.

In keeping with its pioneering, forward thinking ethos, Fulbridge has enhanced its internal surroundings with 23 themed areas that relate to specific topics being studied by its children. These areas serve to create an atmosphere within the school that is both unusual and inspiring. All the highly-detailed components of these themed areas have been crafted by the children and staff. The result is an immersive environment that grabs the attention and stimulates the desire to learn and find out more.

The school wanted to add a separate audio element to each of the 23 themed areas in 3 separate corridors and 1 to a communal hall. AUDAC dealer Audiologic supplied 24 x AUDAC CMP30 media players to enable the greatest possible flexibility in sending the required audio to all of the areas. Very compact and combining a CD-player, MP3 player and AM/FM RDS tuner, the CMP30 fitted the bill perfectly by allowing for multiple sources. An AUDAC R2 multi-zone audio distribution unit with POW2 internal amplifier, was rack-mounted alongside a group of 8 CMP30s at the end of each of the 3 corridors.

Two AUDAC DW5065 wall panels were included in the system. The first, located in the technicians office, facilitated the use of a microphone (AUDAC M86) for general announcements which could over-ride the entire system and the second, located in the hall, allowed for the easy connection of an external source such as an iPod and would over-ride only the audio feed to that area. The combination with 6 AUDAC ATEO6 wall-mounted speakers completed the picture.

The results have been met with great enthusiasm by the children, staff and visitors. Whilst it could not be considered a highly complex project it is worth noting that for the average primary school, this level of audio-integration is extremely rare.

Fulbridge Academy, Peterborough, UK