Teatris, Galati, Romania

Petea Sound designed, provided and installed the AUDAC sound system for Restaurant Teatris - a new and prestige place in the city Galati, Romania.

In total they installed 36 x ATEO4 loudspeakers with 8 complementary bass cabinets. To receive the best possible results they installed 18 x ATEO4 for each level and 1 x ATEO4 for every booth. For the larger open area they chose 8 x XENO8 full range loudspeakers. Due to the larger scale, the Ateo4 loudspeaker where powered by a CAP412 100V amplifier. Because the rest of the system required to achieve a lower frequency response they chose for low impedance amplifiers from the AUDAC DPA Series. The heart of the system became an MTX48 multi-zone matrix. The owner was immediately triggered by the fact that he could control his complete system via his iPhone or his web based devices.


  • 36 pcs Audac ATEO4 for marginal booths, 18pcs. for each level , 1pcs. for every booth
  • 8 .subs. Audac SX408, 4 for each level to complete ATEO4
  • 1 amplifier Audac CAP412 for ATEO4 and 2 amplifiers Audac DPA252 for subs
  • 8 pcs. Audac XENO8 for central open area with 2 amplifiers Audac DPA252
  • 1 pcs. Audac MTX48, MULTI-ZONE MATRIX

Teatris, Galati, Romania
Teatris, Galati, Romania